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3 Cost Effective Ways to Get Your Professional Headshots Done

Upgrade your professional image affordably with our guide on 3 cost-effective headshot options. Find smart solutions for every budget to enhance your online presence.

Do you want to transform your professional identity without breaking the bank? In the digital world of LinkedIn and professional networks, your visual story matters! We get it, budgets can be tight, but that should not dim your professional sparkle. 

Whether you are on a shoestring budget, have a bit more to spare, or are ready to invest, we have covered it all for you in this article. From tips for a mere $5 DIY photo session to AI-powered solutions starting at $40 and the option to hire a professional or a budding photographer at $100, there is an approach for every budget. 

Don’t wait. Just dive in. Explore the strategic importance of professional headshots and learn where and how to use them effectively in today’s digital landscape. 

3 Options for Professional Headshots at Different Price Points

You require a strong personal brand for professional growth, and professional headshots play an important role in this narrative. Your professional journey is a story worth telling. That’s why, we believe that affordability and budget constraints should not hinder your professional growth.

You can easily get high-quality headshots without burning a hole in your pocket. Some ways are listed below:

If you have $5

Yes, it is possible to get a high-quality headshot image on a shoestring budget of $5. 

  • Go DIY: A fancy studio is not necessary for affordable photoshoots. You can either get help from a friend with a good eye or go solo to click your pictures. Go for a selfie only if you have no other option. A selfie camera makes your photos grainy due to its wide-angle lens. So, take a selfie or have your friend capture a great shot that reflects your professional vibe. Just pay attention to key details like perfect lighting, a suitable background, and the right attire. 

  • Edit the clicked shots: You have two options to edit your pictures. You can either use free or paid apps to edit them or you can let a professional editor do it for $5-$15. Give your pictures a makeover without spending too much. However, before editing, clicking and choosing the perfect shot for your headshot image is crucial. 

If you have $40

This is the InstaHeadshots dashboard showcasing 3 different packages for getting high-quality professional corporate business headshots in minutes

InstaHeadshots has got you sorted for professional headshots

If you have a slightly higher budget, around $40, then AI can help you in generating your professional headshots. AI tools offer a convenient way to enhance your headshots by adjusting critical aspects like lighting and facial features. 

Here, InstaHeadshots stands out as a cost-effective game-changer. This tool is perfect for turning your basic selfies into high-quality professional headshots. This way, you get excellent headshot images without having to pay for time-consuming and costly photoshoots. A flawless experience is guaranteed by its user-friendly AI-driven process. 

To get your professional headshots while relaxing at home, you can follow these simple steps:

  • Step 1: Click “New Profile” on the InstaHeadshots homepage to create your profile. 

  • Step 2: Set up your profile by entering your name and gender, then hit “Create”.

  • Step 3: Upload 12-20 pictures with different expressions, angles, lighting and backgrounds. Avoid pictures with glasses or other people.

  • Step 4: Upload images from your device or drag and drop them into the dropbox. After adding more than 12 images, click “Upload Pictures”.

  • Step 5: Give InstaHeadshots about 90 minutes to process and produce around 100 HD headshots in 50+ styles for you. 

If you have $100

With a budget of $100, you can either hire a beginner professional photographer or a last-year photography college student. Choosing up-and-coming photographers or fresh graduates isn’t just a budgetary compromise, it’s a strategic move. 

These budding creatives often bring a burst of creativity, unrestrained energy, and a hunger to prove their skills. While they might not have much experience, their fresh perspectives can produce striking outcomes. 

You can also choose professional photographers from companies like The Hundred Dollar Headshot that are offering budget-friendly professional photo sessions for headshot photography starting at just $99. Even JC Penney Portraits has affordable options listed on their website for headshot photography sessions. 

Here’s a simplified view of their offerings as a comparison:


JC Penney Portraits

The Hundred Dollar Headshot




Service Focus

General photography (Including Headshots)

Headshot photography

Session Types

In-Studio, On-Location

In-Studio, On-Location, Outdoor

Booking Options

Online booking

Online booking, consultation required


Packages available, starting $59.99

Packages available, customized pricing starting $99

Photographer Experience

Varied, depending on location

Specialized in headshot photography

Turnaround Time

Typically within 7-14 days

Varies between 3-5 days, depending on session and package

Retouching Included

Basic retouching included

Advanced retouching services available

Digital Files

High-resolution, digital files Included

High-resolution, digital files Included

Print Options

Available for purchase

Digital-only packages, prints available separately

Professional photo sessions produce great results most of the time. Still, you should consider some points while choosing a professional to capture your professional headshot images.

  • Go through their sample work to look for styles that resonate with your professional identity.

  • Share your vision and discuss your requirements with them. Also, inquire about their availability and pricing. 

  • Don’t be afraid to bargain for what you can afford. 

Once you have found the right person, 

  • Schedule a session to get your pictures clicked. 

  • Choose a location that complements your profession and personality.

  • Before the session, groom yourself well and plan your outfit as you should look professional.  

  • After the session, select images that align well with your professional image. 

Why should you have a professional headshot?

Your professional headshot is the face of your personal brand in a world where online profiles and professional networks play a crucial role. It is more than just a picture! It is a strategic tool that conveys your professionalism and persona to prospective clients, employers, and partners.

A professional headshot is akin to a visual handshake. It gives the impression of diligence, professionalism, and trustworthiness. A grainy or old picture might give a poor impression when employers go through numerous profiles or run background checks. 

A man posing for a professional headshot with a neutral background and corporate clothing

Why does a professional headshot matter?

A strong professional headshot is an invaluable asset, regardless of your business or career stage. It goes above and beyond to make you stand out in a crowded market and make a good first impression.

A great professional headshot can help you in:

  • Establishing a Personal Brand: Your headshot is a key component of your personal brand. It tells a story of who you are professionally and sets the tone for how others perceive you. A polished image reflects your commitment to presenting yourself in the best light. 

  • Building Trust: Building trust is essential in professional partnerships. With prospective employers, clients, and coworkers, a high-quality headshot increases your readability and approachability by building trust. 

  • Making a Lasting Impression: In a digital age flooded with information, making a lasting impression is challenging. Having a professional headshot makes you stand out, which raises the likelihood that people will notice and remember your profile. 

  • Differentiation: Having a professional headshot sets you apart in a plethora of profiles. In comparison to profiles without a high-quality image, you have the chance to highlight your professionalism and individuality, which will help people remember and find you more unique. 

  • Career Advancement: Your career trajectory can be greatly impacted by a polished headshot image, regardless of whether you’re job hunting or seeking new business opportunities. It conveys the message that you take your professional image seriously and are invested in your own success.

When and Where to Use Your Professional Headshot?

Strategies for maximizing the impact of your headshot pictures: Showcase professionalism on LinkedIn, enhance personal branding on websites, and make a lasting impression on business cards and marketing materials.

Places where your professional headshot comes in handy: Linkedin, X, Email icon, professional social media page, professional website, designer or tech portals

In today’s digital job hunt, your professional headshot is your visual introduction. Make sure it shines on these key platforms:

  • LinkedIn Handle: As the hub of professional networking, your headshot is important for your LinkedIn profile. You can update your cover image for a complete profile. 

  • X (formerly Twitter) Handle: If you are building a personal brand or you’re in a public-facing role, you should update your X profile with your professional headshot to make a good impression. 

  • Professional Facebook Page: A professional Facebook page is advantageous for several positions. If you have one, you can use your professional headshot there too.

  • Email Icon: You can personalize your emails by adding a photo. Many platforms support this feature, offering recipients a face-to-name connection.

  • Professional Website: While not mandatory, some roles demand a professional website. So, if y